Build a data driven
 culture with  metric²
Create predictive, streaming, real-time analytics enabling data-driven decisions in your enterprise.
What is metric²

Our mission is to bring data to life.

metric² provides end user and admin tools which visualize, display and share your enterprise data through real-time web and mobile based applications. Providing employees the ability to view all their data in one place, and make informed decisions using relevant, on-hand, and up to date information. Our applications are perfect for start-ups, enterprises, departments and developers wanting to get the most out of their SAP technologies. Below are a few of the applications we develop:

metric² Web

  • Real-time Dashboards and KPI's
  • Alerts Management
  • User Friendly
  • Open Source
  • Flexible
  • Mobile & Browser = Anywhere
  • Perfect for Large Office Monitors
  • HANA = In-memory
  • metric² = In-sight
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End user self service
Web and mobile apps make creating and visualizing your business data simple, with metric² there is no need for IT to get involved.
Realtime dashboards give your department insight into the performance and operational aspects of your systems, from end to end.
Dashboards, queries, alerts and widgets can customized to meet you and your business needs. metric² can be used On-Premise or in the Cloud.
Dashboards can be displayed on office walls on large format monitors to display key metrics and KPI's to encourage action, ownership and resolutions.
Streaming metrics can be displayed on sites, portals and directly in other applications using the simple "Share" feature.

metric² Mobile

  • View key metrics anywhere
  • Receieve alerts
  • Stay in touch
  • Share dahboards and metrics
  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Native iPad Application
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Build your dashboards on your desktop, view them on your mobile device from anywhere.
Receive data and event alerts when you are out of the office, and still want to be notified.
Having your enterprise metrics everyone enables you to act quickly on opportunities and spot issues quickly before they occur.
Your mobile dashboards can be shared with others to ensure your organization or team are on the same page.

metric² Admin

  • Developed for HANA Admins
  • View key system resources
  • View Alerts
  • HANA instance Vitals
  • Monitor multiple instances
  • Clean and simple UI
  • Alert Push notifications
  • Free on the app store
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Ensure your HANA Instance is running optimally directly from your iPhone.
Spot core instance issues quickly or before they even occur.
Receieve push notifications in the event a "High Alert" has been issued from HANA.
View insights on vital HANA components including memory, disk, CPU and alerts.
We want to make your HANA System the HERO system.
Who are we?

Paul Aschmann
Technical Manager

Paul is the founder and technical manager of Lithium Labs, the developers of metric².

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